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Since April 1, the law firm H. Roske & Associates LLP has been combined with Smith, Gambrell & Russell LLP (SGR), an international commercial law firm. With approximately 400 lawyers, SGR is now the leading law firm for the US business of the German "Mittelstand".

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U.S. Government Publishes Effective Date for New Entry Regulations


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H. ROSKE & Associates LLP


Our core activities.

H. Roske & Associates LLP is the experienced partner for German-speaking companies in the United States, located in the heart of New York City. For almost 20 years we have been advising clients from Germany, Austria and Switzerland on important legal issues: unbureaucratic, practical, cost-effective - and in German of course.

We have successfully launched more than 300 companies in the American market and are currently managing, as Corporate Secretary, around 150 subsidiaries in all 50 states.

We know our business.

The law firm originates from the former law firm Walter Conston Alexander & Green, which until then had been serving German -speaking clients for decades.

For this reason, H. Roske & Associates exclusively employs bi-lingual lawyers in the U.S., educated in both German and American law. They are licensed to practice law in both countries. We are therefore prepared to combine European and U.S. concepts in order to provide our clients with effective and comprehensive advice.

We understand our clients’ problems.

We are not lawyers sitting in an ivory tower speaking incomprehensible legal terms. We communicate at eye level with our clients, especially since we have ourselves worked successfully in international companies and therefore know the corporate side well. Thus, understanding what is operatively required in management, fostering uncomplicated practical cooperation.

Reaching goals quickly and unbureaucratically.

As a small and independent law firm we are flexible and do not have long communication channels or nerve-racking coordination processes. This benefits our clients. It is important that companies can react quickly to new situations in order to make the right decisions. Therefore, emails are as a rule always answered on the same day and by the same contact person. Our goal is to identify risks promptly and to offer quick feasible solutions.

Fixed prices and affordable hourly rates.

We understand our clients’ needs to make legal services in the U.S. affordable. That’s why we have designed our organization and its processes in such a way that we can perform our work as efficiently as possible. Especially in this respect, our clients benefit from our many years of experience. As a result, we are often able to offer fixed prices. Our hourly rates are in the lower third of comparable law firms.

Cooperation with important partners.

H. Roske & Associates is a law firm recommended both by the German American Trade Association (GATA) and the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry for North America. We also work closely with the Bund Junger Unternehmer (BJU), the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Selbständiger Unternehmer (ASU) and the economic development agencies of the federal states and cantons. We regularly inform these institutions with talks and presentations on current U.S. topics.

satisfied clients

years of experience

companies currently
under our counsel

hours response time

Close links with business and German-American know-how


Our focus lies in advising companies that are seeking to enter the U.S. market, as well as advising subsidiaries that are already active in the US market. In addition to supporting our clients’ operative business, we assist our clients in all legal questions regarding liability protection of the German parent company and the acting stakeholders. Corporate governance and the responsibilities ot the corporate secretary play an important role in this area. The consulting activity is strongly sales-oriented and at the same time aims at keeping the company free of liability issues. The main focus here are Corporate Risk Management and product liability.

We see ourselves as legal service providers.

Company foundation in the U.S.

Incorporating a business in the USA is a common and recommended practice for reasons relating to sales, administration, and liability.


Financial & Corporate Governance

These areas are relevant prior to and following the incorporation of an American subsidiary


Proctection against product liability

Product liability is the leading cause of lawsuits in the U.S. A European company that sells its products in the United States...


Contractual Risk Management & Reps

One of the economic and cultural shocks for European firms is having to think their respective transactions through to the last clause and then describe these intentions in a contract.


Visa & Work permits

Obtaining a valid work permit is a prerequisite for international employee transfer.



In America, employment is understood to include all matters relating to private working relationships.


Additional Services

Sucessful and fast

Client References



„I am Managing Director and shareholder of the AUTOFLUG group of companies based near Hamburg and have known Mr Roske and the firm for over twenty years. Mr. Roske was our Company Secretary and legal advisor in the USA when we maintained an independent subsidiary there for many years. His advice was always highly professional and business-oriented, which was greatly appreciated by our staff both locally and in Germany. Clear statements and no long legal memos are what we expected and received as a medium-sized company. It was always noticeable that Mr. Roske and his colleagues had themselves been working in companies for a long time. I can therefore highly recommend the firm and would always call on their services again if we were to set up a company in America again.“

Andreas Sedlmayr,CEO ,Autoflug


Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems

„I have been working with Henry Roske for app. 20 years in various topics and cases. He is always very responsive, professional and results can be easily implemented. He is a very valuable advisor on strategic corporate matters as well. I always appreciate his cooperation!“

Dr. Peter Bracker, General Counsel CO/L&C BU MS, Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems


Pink North America Corp.

„We got to know and appreciate Mr. Roske at a seminar and contacted him directly afterwards to check our recently founded subsidiary in the USA for correctness and completeness. He has helped us excellently with some very important issues and we are happy to turn to him and his team for advice on contractual issues with US customers. We are looking forward to the further professional and trustful cooperation in the future!“

Andrea Althaus, Managing Director, PINK GmbH Thermosysteme

Spaleck USA LLC

„Highly recommended law firm for legal advice in the USA. Uncomplicated contact, very efficient. Keep it up!“

Rainer Elfring, Marketing Director, Spaleck GmbH


Bergland Hochland USA Inc.

„The law firm H. Roske & Associates LLP has been with us since the foundation of our first US subsidiary. I particularly appreciate the high level of professional competence as well as the healthy pragmatism, which was an important success factor for a speedy implementation, especially in the early years.“

Daniela Weise, Hochland SE, Division manager Finance Projects


Bulmor USA Inc.

„In 2017 we founded our US subsidiary with H. Roske. From the beginning until today Henry has advised us competently, pragmatically and easy to understand for non-lawyers. Also his willingness to act as Secretary in our Inc. was a unique selling point that has strengthened our trust in him. Henry's support has made our move to the USA much easier in many areas.“

Guenter Szolga, President & CEO, Bulmor USA Inc.


Bunker International Group Ltd.

„Henry Roske and his team have done outstanding work for us. always there, dependable, extremely reliable up to date and helpful. real pros, will definitely continue using the firm. also very good value for money!“

Wolfgang Goetz, Partner, Bunker International Group Ltd.


Garz & Fricke Inc.

„Henry Roske and his team were and are an excellent partner for us, both with regard to the founding of our US subsidiary and the ongoing development of the business as well as visa matters. The honesty, transparency and speed with which they work must be emphasized. The service provided is also inexpensive in the best sense of the word.“

Dr. Arne Dethlefs, CEO, Garz & Fricke Inc.

Binder+Co USA Inc.

„In 2016, I went to the USA for Binder+Co AG in order to establish Binder+Co USA, Inc. as CEO. In the course of the preparations, I met Henry Roske at a GATA US-Entry Meeting in Berlin and since then he and his team have accompanied us. I appreciate his expertise and the comprehensive support we receive from him and his team: Starting with the foundation of the company, visa matters, product liability and secretary function he provides me with everything from one source - always on time and always competent.“

Mario Stockreiter, CEO, Binder+Co USA Inc.


Inteq International Equipment LLC

„I got to know and appreciate Henry Roske as a speaker at a seminar of GATA (German American Trade Association). He is able to communicate complex issues in a simple and understandable way and gets straight to the point. Henry has professionally managed the foundation of my company INTEQ LLC in 2017, the support is conscientious and reliable. I can fully recommend his competent advice and support.“

Andreas Ziegler, CEO & Owner, Inteq International Equipment LLC



„Since 2017 Henry Roske and his team have been supporting us in establishing an operational platform in the USA. His knowledge of the German and US-American mentality is invaluable to us. Beyond legal advice and support, he has repeatedly been able to give us advice on how to proceed in certain situations. Furthermore, he was able to name important contact persons whom we could use for various challenges. Without his professional support we would not be where we are now.“

Christian Harriehausen, Managing Director and CEO within the Jörn Kluge Group


Jung USA Inc.

„In Henry Roske, we have been able to find a competent and reliable lawyer who has given us professional advice on setting up a branch in the USA and on product adaptation, so that even laymen can understand it. We can only recommend the honest and competent expert advice.“

Bjoern Schulte, Export Area Manager, Jung USA Inc.

MKT Moderne Kunststoff-Technik Gebr. Eschbach GmbH

„Henry Roske and his team combine legal expertise, economic understanding, pragmatism, speed of reaction and cost awareness in equal measure. The law firm is what you want at your side when you enter the US market.“

Paul Gellner, Head of legal department, MKT Moderne Kunststoff-Technik Gebr. Eschbach GmbH


Neschen Coating GmbH

„Competent support in all areas. In spite of the time difference super accessible. We are looking forward to further cooperation.“

Inga Gertz, CFO, Neschen Coating GmbH


Seeland-Jung USA LLC

„My experiences with Henry Roske and Team were stupendous through and through. These people know their craft and walk the extra mile for you. I consulted with Henry Roske and his Team on a couple of different occasions, and each one of them handled with utmost care and professionalism. I also appreciated working with people who care for you instead of just handling you as a "case. Highly recommend!“

Michael Seeland, CEO, Seeland-Jung USA LLC

Serafini Inc.

„In 2019 our company for which I am an authorized signatory was entrusted by a large customer with the establishment of a branch in the USA. The professional and trusting cooperation with Mr. Roske and his team was extremely helpful in this process. I can always recommend this cooperation.“

Ronald Pielsticker, CEO, Serafini Inc.

Würschum North America Inc.

„In 2017 haben wir mit Henry Roske und seinem Team eine Vertriebsgesellschaft in den USA gegründet. Die Gründung und auch die nachfolgende Betreuung waren sehr professionell und wir sind sehr zufrieden. Henry und sein Team sind immer erreichbar und reagieren immer prompt auf unsere Anliegen. Als Geschäftsführer wünscht man sich genau so eine Betreuung und Unterstützung.“

Volker Würschum, President & CEO, Würschum North America Inc.

Dennerle USA Inc.

„With Henry Roske & Associates LLP we are in the best hands with our subsidiary in the US.“

Peter Koch, CEO, Dennerle USA Inc.


Stadler America LLC

„Excellent legal advice for German medium-sized companies in the establishment and support of US subsidiaries.“

Claus Maier, CEO, Stadler America LLC


Sump & Stammer International Food Supply GmbH

„As Managing Partner of Sump&Stammer International Food Supply in Hamburg, I have been working successfully and trustfully with H. Roske & Associates LLP for many years. The cooperation with H. Roske and his team works very well without exception and always with very short reaction times. Whether it's contracts with trading partners, solutions to complaints or support with issues such as FDA approval - we always feel that we are in very good hands. Particularly noteworthy is the always fair invoicing of services without unpleasant surprises.“

Wolfgang Sump, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, Sump & Stammer International Food Supply GmbH


TTS Teconja TCI Shipping NA Inc.

„H.Roske and his team have supported us excellently and as soon as we have a request again H.Roske & Team will be our first contact!“

Timo Tessen, Director, TTS Teconja TCI Shipping NA Inc.


Frequently asked questions

Delaware is not only a serious solution in the U.S., it is still the best solution in the USA. The old guard like IBM, Boeing as well as younger firms such as Google and Facebook are all founded in Delaware.

Yes, the Corporation (Inc) is a corporation and the LLC is a partnership. Both are equal in terms of liability but are taxed differently. The choice of the legal form is the most important point when setting up a company.

No, there's no such thing in any of the 50 states.

No, since there is no need for giving a reason for termination, there is no need for a warning.

Never, since the workplace in America as such has no monetary value, you do not have to pay severance in case of termination.

Replace immediately with persons living and working in the USA. The U.S. subsidiary is managed by the Board of Directors, not by the officers.

Under Trump, as much as possible. Save on other issues, just not on this one!

Not at all. Spend the money rather on visas and Marketing & Sales!

Yes, absolutely! By the way, it is also the only possibility the the U.S. system offers to secure purchase order claims.

About eight months. No product should be sold in the USA without adapted documentation. With 18 million lawsuits per year, the risk is too high and the parent company, who owns the capital, is always liable.

Product liability

Protection against product liability

How to avoid the most common error!
H.Roske & Associates LLP


Our lawyers are our capital

H. Roske & Associates LLP has grown steadily since its foundation and our lawyers are our capital. Therefore, we are always interested in new motivated colleagues from Austria, Switzerland and Germany. In addition to legal training in German-speaking countries, admission to the New York bar is a necessary prerequisite for employment with us.

If you would like to live and work in the exciting metropolis of New York on a long-term basis and prefer a more informal and strongly business-oriented way of working, you have come to the right place!
Our clients expect us to deliver results-oriented solutions that are geared to rapid growth in the US market, while controlling costs and minimizing risks. Does this appeal to you?

We are looking for colleagues who are also interested in regular travel to Europe, who appreciate our management-oriented approach and who enjoy active marketing. In addition, above-average knowledge of modern computer and communication technology is essential to enable professional and up-to-date work - regardless of location.

Are you interested?

H. Roske & Associates is looking forward to receiving your short and informal application!


For me, it is always an exciting experience to be able to accompany new companies with the most diverse products and services as they enter the American market. Not only a purely legal task, but also an interesting management challenge in our firm.

Henry Roske

Managing Partner

The team at H. Roske & Associates has an impressive wealth of knowledge in almost every industry, from high-tech engineering to service providers to the - not so new anymore - IT industry. For me personally, it is the ideal environment to combine my expertise as a German and U.S. attorney, gaining knowledge that benefits all of our clients. It also let me develop an eye for what is essential in the digital age and globalized markets: To ensure a smooth entry into the U.S. market, putting the focus on costs and priorities, and being perceived as a knowledgeable player.

Moritz Masberg

Corporate Attorney

For me it is important to have an ambience that is a little more relaxed and laid-back than in some other law firms. I find it here!



This firm offers me an opportunity to work in an intellectual, modern and family-friendly atmosphere. I love being part of our team and playing an integral role in the process.




Please contact us

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