Launch of Beauty and Personal Care Products in the USA

USA - the largest market for beauty and personal care products with $100 billion in sales

As a smaller/medium sized company, how do I bring my beauty and personal care products into the U.S. market quickly and in accordance with regulations?

Bringing beauty products to the US - our webinar explains how to bring your products to market quickly, cost-effectively and in accordance with regulations.

The U.S. is the largest (and most valuable) market for beauty and personal care products, with sales expected to grow to nearly $100 billion USD in 2020, up from $91 billion and $93 billion in the previous two years. That accounts for more than a quarter of global sales. The webinar is aimed at small and medium-sized manufacturers from the D-A-CH region who want to quickly and easily cover the most important topics to be able to distribute their products in the US.

Short description and agenda

Cosmetic products are regulated by the U.S. FDA, the Food and Drug Administration, which, contrary to its name, is also responsible for alcohol, tobacco, medical devices and cosmetics. The compliance with FDA laws becomes practically relevant for the first time at the American border. Here, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency becomes active and checks for compliance. Our webinar guides manufacturers and involved companies (packers, distributors) through all important areas, namely:

1. Definition of cosmetic under US law. When is it a drug? When is it both a cosmetic product and a drug, and what are the implications?
2. Do I have to register with the FDA? (Short answer - in most cases: No, but it is very easy and recommendable).
3. What about certain color additives?
4. How must/may I design my packaging and advertising materials?
5. Is there anything else to bear in mind when shipping goods? (Do I need a so-called Prior Notice?)
6. Do I need a US company?
7. How must the goods be cleared through customs?
8. What are the rules at the state level? (we will look at the most important state California)
9. Q&A

For questions, feel free to contact Moritz Masberg (

Market Entry of Beauty and Personal Care products in the USA
Event Date: Thursday 30th September / 4.30-5.30 pm CET
Speaker: Moritz Masberg | Attorney-at-law (New York / Germany)
Registration Fee: €99,00