Insurance & 401(K) Plans

H.Roske & Associates LLP provides advisory services in the field of insurance law if required to conduct entrepreneurial activities in the U.S. In addition to general commercial liability, other insurance arrangements need to be made at the local level.

In the practical area of product liability, it is important that the insurance contract does not have any loopholes for the insurance carrier. The coverage of defense costs and choice of law firm for the proceedings fall under this area. The firm can also prepare medical plans that are relevant in the U.S. These are relatively complex contractual agreements for (private) health insurance, which rely on the fact that there is no statutory health insurance in the U.S. For employees of the U.S. subsidiary, these are used on a regular basis. The same applies for agreements on pensions (which are also private). According to the relevant provisions of the U.S. federal tax law, these are generally referred to as 401(k) plans.