German lawyers for U.S. trade

H.Roske & Associates LLP is a German-speaking law firm in the USA that specializes in corporate law. It provides consulting services in all 50 states of the USA. The firm employs exclusively German lawyers in the USA who have completed both German and US legal training and are licensed to practice law in both countries. This enables the firm combine German and US concepts in order to provide its clients with effective and comprehensive advice with regard to their US activities. Some of the German-speaking lawyers have also worked in international companies, and they therefore have good knowledge of the business side of things. The law firm is based in New York and currently advises more than 150 German-speaking companies in the USA, while acting as a so-called “Corporate Secretary” to administer the affairs of more than 100 subsidiaries of German-speaking companies.

It specializes in providing consulting services to companies that want to enter the US market, as well as advising companies that are already active in the US market. In addition to providing advice on the operational side of the business, a particular goal of the consulting is to protect the parent company and its agents against liability. Our Corporate Governance and Corporate Secretary services play a key role in this. Other services include Business Incorporation & Set-Up, Mergers & Acquisitions, Product Liability, Contract Drafting, Employment, Visas & Work Permits, Trademark Protection, and Litigation.

Several times a year, the firm’s German lawyers give presentations on US-related topics at institutions such as the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the German American Trade Association (GATA), the USA Forum, and the Euroforum.